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A guide to choosing grout colour for your tiles

Many of us spend time carefully choosing tiles for our home, but it is the grout colour which often adds the finishing touch. Whether you are looking to emphasise an interesting tile layout or let the tiles stand out, choosing the grout colour for your tiles is an important aspect of successful tiling. In our latest blog, we take a closer look at grout colour ideas and the impact they could have on your tiling project.

Contrasting or matching grout colour?

The first thing to decide is whether you are looking for a contrasting grout colour or a colour which matches your tiles. If you have chosen tiles with a unique shape, an unusual layout or a bold colour, you may want to draw attention to these details with a contrasting grout colour that will frame each tile to create a striking finish. Alternatively, if you want to create a simple, understated and uniform finish, a matching or complementary grout colour could be a beautiful choice.

As you can see in the image below, the choice of white grout when paired with the white tiles helps the tiles to blend into the background, however the grout colour contrasts against the coloured tiles ensuring they become the focal feature.

Of course, there are other factors to consider when choosing colours, such as the size of the area and the location of the tiles. For example, if you are tiling a large area, you may find that a contrasting grout colour across the full space could be quite overwhelming. Instead, consider choosing a contrasting grout for a section of the space, such as when highlighting a focal feature.

Which grout colour is best?

The most popular grout colours are white, cream, grey and black, although the variety of colours available is increasing. The follow are some great tips to follow:

· If you want to choose a dark, contrasting grout colour, try to pick a colour which matches other shades in the room, such as a dark grey grout which would complement dark grey kitchen units.

· If you have chosen a patterned tile, choosing a grout colour which matches one of the colours within the tile will help the pattern to flow throughout the area.

· For marble-effect tiles with coloured veins, matching the grout colour to the veins will help to highlight the design of the tiles.

· Black and white is always a popular combination with subway shaped tiles, especially if you are looking to create a timeless finish.

· If you are installing glass mosaic tiles, a glitter effect grout will help to highlight the individual tiles and with an endless array of colours available, there are many potential finishes to choose from.

· If practicality is the most important factor, it is worthwhile considering that darker grouts such as black and dark grey will not show marks as easily as lighter colours.

Navarro Tiles – High-quality tiles to suit every interior design trend

As you can see, there are so many grout colour choices available, such as the variety found at Quantum Group NI. As a team we are committed to supplying wholesale tiles which mirror the latest interior trends, and whether you are looking for tiles which will create a bold, contrasting finish or more subtle designs, we will be glad to offer our advice when it comes to comparing tiles and grout choices.

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