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2021 Tile Style Trends: We Predict What’s Next For Tiling

2020 has certainly been an unpredictable year, with Covid-19 leading to an unprecedented global pandemic. However, as the year comes to an end, we are turning our attention to the things we can predict, and when it comes to tile style, our experts certainly know a thing of two.

Geometric tile style

The popular geometric interior styles we see today and influenced by the graphic retro styles of the 60’s and 70’s, with striking patterns and contrasting colours used to create unique focal points. There are many geometric tiling patterns available for bathroom and kitchen tiles, with our favourite being the black and white patterns seen in the Navarro Waterloo Sunset tiles.

These fashionable tiles benefit from a matt finish, with a high-quality ceramic body. The decorative tile style is ideal for both bathroom tiling and kitchen tiling, with a finish that is guaranteed to make a statement. By incorporating unique geometric patterns, it is possible to create a contemporary feel without compromising on style.

For those looking to create a bold, dramatic look, we recommend pairing these tiles with bold colours and patterned accessories. Or, for a more elegant finish, opt for subtle shades to create a timeless tile style.

Measurements: 450 x 450mm / 17.7 x 17.7” Quantity per Square Metre: 4.93

Bold colours

Another popular tile style we expect to see in 2021 is bold colours, which will be used to provide pop of colour against white walls. A great example of bold yet versatile tiles can be seen with the Navarro Petroleo Landmade range, which could be used as an accent feature, or to completely cover an entire wall for a stylish contrast.

Other bold colours which will we predict will be popular are emerald greens, pinks, corals and burnt oranges. These bold colours will create a modern, creative and high-end feel, particular in statement kitchen and bathroom tile designs.

Measurements: 75 x 300mm / 2.9 x 11.8” Quantity per Square Metre: 44.64

Textured surfaces

Over the last few years our living spaces have incorporated many textures, from glittered wallpaper to velvet covered furniture. However, we expect this textured trend to follow through into tile styles in 2021. If you are looking to add character and depth to a room, patterns and textures are a great option.

There are many examples of textured tiles, with stone effect and wood effect being popular every year. However, we think that more unusual patterns and textures will become popular over the next 12 months, with tiles that incorporate colour, texture and premium finishes.

The ceramic Motown range from Navarro is a brilliant example, with both complementary plain and ripple textured variations available. The range includes various tones, such as white, stone and graphite, which makes it possible to create a bespoke tile style, whatever your tile choice.

Measurements: 250 x 700mm / 10” x 27.3” Quantity per Square Metre: 5.7

Sculptured tile style

Sculptured tiles with three dimensional surfaces will bring a new, tactile quality to tiled surfaces in 2021. We expect that sculptured stone tiling will be used to create contrasting surfaces, such as the Navarro Quadrophenia range of tiles, which are inspired by geology to create a natural rock effect. The neutral tones are available in both warm and cool tones, with a matt finish that will not overwhelm the finish of the room.

Measurements: 303 x 613mm / 12 x 24” Quantity per Square Metre: 5.38

Statement Tiles

This is a tile style that has been around for a few years already, however we expect the trend to continue throughout 2021. These patterned porcelain tiles are available in a variety of colours and shapes, from traditional patterns to statement tiles which create a focal point in a tiled floor area.

Just a few years ago floor tiles were often subtle, neutral tones, however more people are searching for bold patterns, bright colours and striking designs which turn floors into a feature.

The Imagine range of porcelain tiles from Navarro are a perfect example of this tile style, and can be used as both wall and floor tiling. These specific tiles are available in monochrome matt finishes, which create a stunning statement pattern when fitted.

Measurements: 223 x 223mm / 8.6 x 8.6” Quantity per Square Metre: 20

Mosaics and smaller tiles

Mosaic tiles are a great way to break up a large area and can be incorporated with both large and small format tiles to add an interesting finish. In the past, mosaics and smaller tiles where hugely popular and we expect this particular tile style to make a huge comeback.

The simple square shape is incredibly versatile and works well in almost any location, from bathroom walls to kitchen splashbacks. For example, the natural tones of the Navarro mosaic range are ideal for both traditional and contemporary projects. The matt finish combined with the muted tones creates a truly versatile range of tiles which can be used either alone or as part of a focal feature.

Dark Tile Styles

We predict that next year dark tiles will become very popular, especially black wall and floor tiles. As more metallic fittings are installed, we expect more customers to be searching for dark tiles, which will combine beautifully with the popular copper and gold fixtures.

There are many black tiles available with matt, gloss and textured tiles all used in many domestic and commercial tiling projects. These Lambretta tiles from Navarro are an excellent example, with a distinctive black marble effect. The dark finish is emphasised by the gloss finish, whilst the durable finish makes them ideal for large open spaces.

Measurements: 608 x 608mm / 23.9 x 23.9” Quantity per Square Metre: 2.7

Wood Effect Tiles

The main reasons why many customers choose tiled flooring are durability, versatility and the ability to choose from many tile styles. This is why we predict that wood effect tiles will become hugely popular in 2021. These tiles will recreate the traditional look of a wooden floor, with the benefits or durable, porcelain styles.

The Navarro Chateau range of tiles benefit from a matt finish, with a varied design that will mimic the natural grain of wood. These particular tiles are available in a range of natural wood tones to suit a variety of domestic and commercial interior tile styles.

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