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Tile Trends: What's Popular in Commercial Spaces?

The commercial design world is ever-evolving, with interior designers fusing durability with aesthetics to create spaces that are both inviting and enduring. In recent years, tile trends have shifted towards designs that combine the charm of classic designs with contemporary innovations. In our latest blog post, we explore the tile trends that are shaping commercial spaces, with ranges that celebrate functionality, style, and timeless appeal.


1. The Rise of Ceramic and Porcelain Style

Ceramic and porcelain tiles have long been staples in commercial design, and in recent years, they've been reimagined to suit the dynamic pace of modern spaces. With new styles that are able to mimic the rustic style of natural materials, these tiles are transforming commercial areas into warm, inviting spaces. In particular, porcelain's attributes of water resistance and low maintenance are making these tiles a frontrunner for moisture-prone and high-traffic areas.


2. The Natural Lightness of Wood

Embracing natural elements within commercial interiors continues with the preference for light wood and wood-look flooring. The likes of oak and maple lend an open, airy feel, illuminating commercial venues with an subtle elegance. And for those with a keen eye on budget without compromising on style, wood-look tiles provide an attractive, cost-effective alternative.

These Oldmanor wood effect tiles are ideal for those who are looking to add warmth and character to a tiled wall or floor area, with the added benefits of being durable and practical. The realistic wood grain effect is available in a range of finishes, and thanks to their size, there are a multitude of potential layout options. A popular choice is the chevron style pattern, which can be used to create a bold statement within hallways, bathrooms and kitchens. 


3. The Statement of Bold Patterns

The commercial floors of 2024 are often statements themselves as they add visual interest and depth to spaces. Whether used with neutral colours for a minimalist look or combined with bright and bold tones for a statement finish, geometric patterns can help create a dynamic and modern environment.

These Mediterranean inspired tiles incorporate the deep colours of the sea and the surrounding environment, with rich colours and textured combined to create a range of tiles with a handmade, unique feel. The beautiful collection includes a variety of plain and decorative geometric tiles which can be used interchangeably to create an interesting finish.


5. The Character of Textured Surfaces

This year, textured tiles take centre stage, with distressed and embossed finishes gaining traction across commercial projects. These textures offer a tactile experience that not only enhance the aesthetic dimension but also cleverly masks the inevitable wear, providing a pragmatic yet stylish flooring solution.


6. The Expanse of Large Format Flooring

Large format tiles and wood-style planks are dominating commercial interiors, with their ability to create seamless spaces that visually enlarge any commercial setting. These generously sized tiles are particularly effective in sprawling spaces, contributing to an uninterrupted, modern look. They can be used for everything from floors and walls to statement areas, and come in a range of stunning finishes.


7. Eco-Conscious Choices

Eco-friendly materials are carving out a substantial niche, with recycled glass tiles and ceramics made from natural, sustainable sources taking the lead. These materials are not just good for the planet; they're aesthetically versatile and durable, aligning with the green ethos of contemporary businesses.


8. The Appeal of Monochrome and Neutrals

The power of monochrome and neutral palettes continues, with these tile finishes adding an understated elegance in commercial spaces. These colours lay the groundwork for design flexibility, allowing accents and furnishings to take centre stage. Tiles in shades of grey, beige, and off-white lend a serene backdrop that can adapt to any design shift or branding update.

These white bodied porcelain tiles offer a matt finish, which is perfect for creating a timeless, natural design. The elegant colours are understated yet modern, so can be easily coordinated with almost any room design.


9. Functional Art: Feature Floors and Walls

Tiles are being celebrated as functional art. Commercial spaces are leveraging the beauty of intricately patterned tiles to create feature floors and accent walls that narrate a story or reflect a brand's identity. From subtle designs to bold graphics, these tiles transform spaces into immersive experiences.


10. Transitional Flooring

Transitional flooring has emerged as a key trend, where tile designs seamlessly bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor spaces. Porcelain tiles that mimic natural wood or stone provide an organic transition, extending the aesthetic flow and creating a cohesive design language throughout the commercial property.

These stunning floor tiles are a fusion of Mediterranean style and Italian craftsmanship. These versatile porcelain stone-effect tiles are not only built to last but also designed to complement a range of design styles. We also stock a range of coordinating tiles in various sizes, facilitating creative layouts from contemporary patterns to timeless designs, making them a truly flexible and aesthetic choice for any space


Top Trends for Commercial Spaces

As we look to the future of commercial tile trends, we envision the trends to continue to follow both form and function, with the following being our top style tips:


Lobbies and Welcoming Spaces: Large format tiles in earthy tones or with a concrete effect set the stage for a stylish yet informal welcome. These can be complemented by biophilic design elements, such as green walls or water features, accented with natural stone or gloss tiles that catch the light and draw the eye.

Workspaces and Offices: The focus is on creating collaborative spaces that feel less formal and more comfortable. Wood-look porcelain tiles offer the warmth of a home office while providing the resilience needed for commercial use.

Retail Environments: Here, the trends veer towards bold, statement-making tiles that define brand identity. Geometric patterns and vibrant colours adorn feature walls or floors, inviting customers into an engaging and immersive shopping experience.

Hospitality Venues: In hotels and restaurants, the trend is for tiles that can withstand high traffic while exuding luxury and sophistication. Polished marble-look porcelain tiles, terrazzo, contribute to the  ambiance, while large format tiles ensure spaces feel expansive and seamless.

Outdoor Spaces: With the line between indoors and outdoors increasingly blurred, tiles for terraces, patios, and rooftops are chosen for their aesthetic harmony with natural surroundings as well as their functional resilience. Large format tiles with a slip-resistant finish are preferred for their safety and ease of maintenance.


Navarro Tiles – Wholesale Suppliers of Commercial Tiles


Here at Navarro Tiles, we understand that the right tile choice in commercial settings is more than a matter of taste—it's a strategic decision. Large format tiles, for instance, are not just stylish; they minimise grout lines, simplifying maintenance and enhancing durability. Concrete-look tiles offer an industrial  aesthetic that's tough as nails, while terrazzo brings playful colour into the mix. Choosing the right tiles for a commercial project involves a careful consideration of foot traffic, space size, anti-skid features, durability, finish, and maintenance levels, and our team are here to help you find tiles that are suitable for every project. To find out more about our wholesale tile ranges or to find your nearest stockist, please contact our team today.

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