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A Guide to Outdoor Tiles

Outdoor tiles are proving to be extremely popular, especially with those who are looking to create a sense of harmony between their inside space and their gardens. Here at Navarro Tiles, we are committed to supplying our customers with the most stylish and innovative designs, which includes our new Evish range of porcelain outdoor tiles. If you are wondering whether to introduce outdoor tiles into your product range, we hope this blog answers some of your questions.

What are outdoor tiles?

Outdoor tiles are available in a range of beautiful finishes, including concrete, wood and natural stone, and they are also incredibly hard-wearing. In comparison to indoor tiles, external tiles are designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions, so they will not absorb heavy rainfall, and when the temperature drops during the winter months, you will not have to worry about your tiles cracking. This durability also ensures the tiles are resistant to UV fading, staining and scratching, so they will maintain their stunning finish for many years to come.

Not only will the tiles look beautiful, but they are designed to be slip-resistant thanks to their matt texture. All outdoor tiles benefit from a certified slip-resistance, which will provide peace of mind when surface water builds up. In comparison to materials such as granite and marble, these outdoor tiles are highly recommended for outdoor paved areas.

Plus, whenever your tiled area needs cleaning, simply sweep and wash with warm soapy water. The tiles can be treated in exactly the same way as your indoor tiles, and thanks to their versatility, many customers will carry the tiles from the inside of their homes into their outside space to create a seamless, modern finish.

What types of outdoor tiles are available?

There are a variety of external tile materials available, including travertine, granite, concrete and slate, however in our opinion ceramic and porcelain are the most budget-friendly, durable and cost-effective materials for outdoor tiles:

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are often a budget option, however they are only suitable for light outdoor use, so should be installed within covered patios. There are vast differences between the strength and durability of ceramic outdoor tiles, so always check before ordering, as extreme weather conditions can damage these tiles.

Porcelain tiles

Dense and durable porcelain tiles are perhaps the most popular man-made option for outdoor tiles, as there are an array of potential finishes available. From the tiles which mimic natural sandstone and limestone finishes through to patterned colourful tiles, the maintenance free, design friendly style of porcelain tiles is sure to impress.

Porcelain outdoor tiles are available in a variety of sizes, with 20mm being the standard depth, this size combined with the 1000-degree kiln firing ensures that these tiles are equal in terms of strength to traditional concrete and stone paving options. However, it is important to check that tiles are designed for external use, as indoor porcelain tiles are often given a polished, floss finish which would be very slippery in outdoor wet areas.

How to choose outdoor tiles?

Although outdoor tiles are designed to be very durable, there will be budget ranges that are more prone to scratches, cracks and damage, so always check the quality thoroughly. In terms of finishes, the amount of light an outdoor space benefits from will have a significant impact on the ideal tile choices.

For example, south facing gardens benefit from lots of natural light, so there will be many shades that will suit the area, but for darker gardens we always recommend choosing a light colour. Similarly, the colour and finish should also match the home décor, as traditional rustic style tiles will look out of place against a modern interior.

Navarro Tiles – Wholesale suppliers of quality outdoor tiles

We hope that our quick guide has provided the information you need about outdoor tiles, but if you do have any questions our team are always on hand to answer your queries. As wholesale suppliers of tiles throughout the UK & Ireland, we are proud of our extensive range and we are always adding new collections.

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