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A guide to the types of tile levelling systems

Tile levelling systems are designed to help tilers achieve a perfectly level and evenly spaced tiled surface. There are many types of tile levelling systems available which all aim to eliminate lippage, but it can be hard to know which system is the best option. In our latest blog post, we will take you through some of the most popular systems, so that you can achieve professional results every time.

1. Clip and wedge systems

Clip and wedge systems are designed to be quick and easy to use, with the LevTec range being a great example. The range includes clips, wedges and pliers which lock tiles in place to prevent slumping during drying, while also removing substrate imperfections. The clips are simple and quick to use thanks to the bevelled clip edges, with a strong and flexible design that does not suffer from accidental breakages.

Unlike many other clip and wedge-based levelling systems, the breakpoint is below the base plate, allowing total expansion once removed. In addition, the reinforced reusable wedges are designed to provide complete accuracy, so every tiling project benefits from a faultless surface. Simply follow these steps to achieve a perfect finish:

Step 1: Spread the tile adhesive and lay the tile, then position the LevTec clips beneath the edge of the tile. The clip will act as 1.5mm spacer when pressed firmly against the tile.

Step 2: Set the adjacent tile firmly into the adhesive, butted against the LevTec clip. Then slide the LevTec wedge through the clip until both tiles are firmly levelled.

Step 3: Once the tiles are locked in place, the clips and wedges need to stay in position until the adhesive sets. The joint width can be adjusted slightly during setting, without disrupting the height of the tiles.

Step 4: Once the adhesive is set, the wedges can be removed using a rubber mallet. The clips should be hit in the direction of the tile joint, where they will dislodge from the breakpoint below the tile ready for grouting.

Another example of a popular clip and wedge system is the Forte system, which is available with plastic or wooden wedges.

2. Spin systems

These systems are designed to level a tiled surface using a screw and cylinder, with the screw acting as a tile spacer. The cylinder is then turned along the threaded screw until it reaches the surface of the surrounding tiles, where it adds an even pressure to the tiles to create a level surface. This Quick Level Spin System is a great example, and there are a variety of screw widths available to suit all grout line thicknesses. The cylinders themselves include a scratch proof disc, so there is no need to worry about damaging the surface of the tiles during tightening.

3. Tile spacers

Standard tile spacers are also a great way to create neat and even patterns, whilst also helping to prevent lateral movement. The most popular styles are the traditional cross-shaped spacers, which are used by tilers around the world on a daily basis. These are commonly used within the intersection of four tiles, where the corners meet and the spacer is able to slide neatly into the gap below the tile surface. This results in evenly spaced gaps, with the spacer easy to remove once adhesive is dry.

The cross shaped spacers can also be used in a matchstick style, which is common if the corners of tiles do not meet at an intersection. There are also t-shaped spacers which are perfect for using at the intersection of three tiles, so they are often used when a tile meets a trim or when laying tiles in a subway/metro style brick pattern.

In recent years, hexagonal and octagonal shaped tiles have risen in popularity, and there are also spacers designed for these specific shapes, including ‘Y’ spacers and the useful Hexagonal Spacers.

Navarro Tiles - Wholesale suppliers of high-quality tiles

Essentially, all tile levelling systems are designed to help lock the tiles in place, so that the tiles are level whilst the adhesive sets. We hope that the overview of potential systems above will help you to achieve a smooth, flat and even surface, and you are sure to find a great range of tile levelling systems available. As a wholesale supplier of tiles our experienced tiling team are always on hand to offer their expert advice, and if you would like to find out more about stocking our products, or to find your nearest supplier, please contact us today.

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