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Bring the Beauty of Nature Indoors: Discover Wood Effect Tiles

When it comes to replicating the warm, timeless appeal of natural wood in a highly durable format, few products can compete with wood effect tiles.

Today, we're showcasing three distinctive collections from our range: Old Manor, Chateau, and Ulverstone. These tiles each offer unique aesthetics and tactile experiences, expertly capturing the charm of natural wood while providing the practical benefits of ceramic tiles.

Old Manor - Small Format, Grand Impact

Old Manor tiles are proof that 'good things come in small packages'. Expertly designed to emulate vintage timber flooring, these tiles blend seamlessly into a variety of interiors, from the most traditional to the modern industrial.

The aged wood effect, with its subtlety of grain and warm tones, introduces a cosy, rustic atmosphere into the room, making these compact tiles perfect for intimate or uniquely shaped spaces. Despite their small size, Old Manor tiles create a grand impact that’s sure to impress.

Measurements: 600 x 150 mm / 24 x 6” Quantity per square metre: 11.11

Ulverstone - Luxurious Gloss for Modern Spaces

For a touch of modern glamour, consider the Ulverstone series. With their glossy finish, these tiles reflect light to brighten spaces and create an illusion of expanded dimensions. They’re an excellent choice for smaller or darker rooms.

Despite their shiny appearance, Ulverstone tiles offer the resilience and longevity that clients have come to expect from Navarro Tiles, making them a wonderful blend of luxury and practicality.

Measurements: 1200 x 200 mm / 48 x 8” Quantity per square metre: 4.16

Chateau - The Art of Authenticity

Offering an extraordinary level of authenticity, the Chateau series boasts a matt finish and ultra-realistic wood effect that’s as close to true timber as you can get. Every knot, grain, and unique imperfection of natural wood is faithfully reproduced in these tiles, offering a beautiful, practical alternative to natural wood flooring.

Chateau tiles, with their non-slip matte surface, are an excellent choice for busy areas where safety is crucial, like restaurants or high-traffic retail outlets. Despite the wear and tear, they’ll maintain their beauty over time.

Measurements: 1200 x 200 mm / 48 x 8” Quantity per square metre: 4.16

The Enduring Appeal of Wood Effect Tiles

Wood effect tiles are a beloved choice among our business customers because they beautifully combine the charm of natural wood with the practical advantages of ceramic tiles. Each with its unique style and texture, the Old Manor, Chateau, and Ulverstone collections are captivating examples of this blend.

By choosing Navarro Tiles, you’re choosing quality, durability, and style. Our range of wood effect tiles is a testament to these values. Explore the Old Manor, Chateau, and Ulverstone collections on our website today, and see how they can elevate your design projects to new heights.

As always, our team at Navarro Tiles is ready to assist you in making the best tile selections for your business needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out for expert advice and recommendations.

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