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Discover Our Versatile Ceramic Wall Tile Collection

At Navarro Tiles, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of ceramic wall tiles designed to cater to both commercial and residential needs across the UK and Ireland. Our ceramic tiles are selected to provide a variety of popular finishes, sizes, and designs that align with the latest trends and interior styles. From plain matt finish tiles to decorative patterned options, our collection is hand-picked to ensure every customer finds the perfect match for their project.

Our mission is to source the latest tile styles from across Europe, granting our retailer network exclusive access to modern and innovative designs that stand out from the competition. Our ceramic wall tiles are also a favourite among tilers and interior designers alike, making them a popular choice in any retail showroom.

Lyla Range

Measurements: 250 x 700mm / 10 x 27.3”

Quantity per Square Metre: 5.7

The Lyla range features red-bodied ceramic wall tiles with a stylish high gloss finish, perfect for creating an elegant and luxurious design. The combination of decorative lined finishes and plain tiles allows for versatile design possibilities that exude a timeless, high-end appeal, reminiscent of luxury hotels.

Castlerigg Range

Measurements: 250 x 700mm / 10” x 27.3”

Quantity per Square Metre: 5.7

The Castlerigg collection is celebrated for its versatility and calming, neutral tones. These ceramic wall tiles feature linear details and a matt finish, adding a tactile element that enhances their serene style. Ideal for various design applications, Castlerigg tiles are a popular choice for creating soothing and sophisticated spaces.

Motown Range

Measurements: 250 x 700mm / 10” x 27.3”

Quantity per Square Metre: 5.7

Motown ceramic wall tiles boast a stylish gloss finish with elegant colours and patterns. Available in Stone, Graphite, Perla, and White marble-effect designs, these red-bodied tiles, complemented by matching rippled tiles, are perfect for achieving a modern, stylish finish in bathrooms or kitchens.

Penny Lane Range

Measurements: 316 x 600mm / 12 x 24”

Quantity per Square Metre: 5.26

Penny Lane tiles bring a unique feel to any space with their variety of plain and patterned matt tiles. Featuring both warm natural tones and cool modern greys, this range includes eye-catching geometric patterns that beautifully coordinate with the coordinating plain tiles, making them ideal for creating striking feature walls.

Vespa Carrara Range

Measurements: 250 x 700mm / 10 x 27.3”

Quantity per Square Metre: 5.7

Vespa Carrara tiles offer a realistic marble effect with slight variations that enhance their authenticity. Available in standard white and textured decorative options, these gloss ceramic tiles are perfect for adding a touch of luxury. Coordinating porcelain floor tiles in large format sizes further expand the design possibilities.

Vespa Gold Range

Measurements: 250 x 700mm / 9.8 x 27.5”

Quantity per Square Metre: 5.7

For those seeking a luxurious finish, Vespa Gold tiles feature stunning gold veins that create a realistic marble effect. Available in both plain and decorative designs, these gloss ceramic tiles are an excellent choice for any elegant wall application.

Sutton Range

Measurements: 200 x 600mm / 8” x 23.6”

Quantity per Square Metre: 8.33

Inspired by industrial trends, the Sutton collection offers modern textures, colours, and finishes that add a unique touch to any room. The blue, grey, and cream tones create a focal point in any setting, making these tiles versatile for various interior design styles. Coordinating porcelain tiles in large format sizes are also available.

Connemara Range

Measurements: 330 x 550mm / 13 x 21.6”

Quantity per Square Metre: 5.5

Connemara tiles feature a weathered finish that creates a distinctive, natural look. These matt wall tiles, available in neutral cream and grey shades, are perfect for adding a touch of rustic charm. Coordinating large floor tiles expand the design options for a cohesive interior.

Lingstone Range

Measurements: 250 x 500mm / 10 x 20”

Quantity per Square Metre: 8

Lingstone tiles are inspired by the tranquil and sandy grains of Burlington stone. These matt wall tiles, crafted with a red body, come in a variety of plain and decorative designs with asymmetrical finishes that lend a contemporary edge to traditional stone looks. Coordinating porcelain floor tiles are also available.

Weller Range

Measurements: 300 x 900mm / 12 x 35”Quantity per Square Metre: 3.7

The Weller range features rectified tiles with a matt finish and subtle colours chosen for their timeless appeal. These tiles, with a white body that enhances the lighter glaze colours, are ideal for creating a refined and elegant design. Coordinating porcelain tiles in large format sizes further enhance the versatility of this range.

Weller Mosaic Range

Measurements: Sheet Size = 300 x 300mm / Individual Size = 50 x 50mm

Weller Mosaic tiles offer elegant options for both wall and floor applications. Available in a variety of natural tones with a matt finish, these tiles are versatile enough to be used alone or as part of a focal feature. They are R11 non-slip approved, ensuring safety in addition to style.

Verve Range

Measurements: 250 x 700mm / 10 x 27.3”

Quantity per Square Metre: 5.7

The Verve range features tiles in both warm and cool tones with a matt finish that creates a stylish effect in any room. Manufactured from high-quality red-bodied ceramic, these tiles have a textured appearance that adds depth and interest. Coordinating Verve porcelain floor tiles are available to complete the look.

Contact the Navarro Team Today

As a leading supplier of wholesale ceramic wall tiles, we are committed to providing high-quality, stylish options that meet the diverse needs of our customers. Whether you are looking to enhance a commercial or residential space, our extensive range of tiles offers something for every design preference. For more information on stocking our ceramic wall tiles in your retail space or to find your nearest stockist, please contact our sales team today.

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