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Retro Revival: Vintage Tile Styles

The charm of bygone eras often resurfaces in the ever-evolving interior design landscape, captivating us with nostalgia and timeless elegance. At Navarro Tiles, we embark on a journey of "Retro Revival," paying homage to vintage tile styles that continue to weave their magic into contemporary spaces.

Embracing the Timeless Appeal

Rediscovering Mid-Century Magic

Consider being inspired by the classic beauty of mid-century design, where clean lines, geometric patterns, and bold colours reign supreme. Embrace the timeless appeal of mid-century tiles to bring forth an era of sophistication and playfulness.

Victorian Grandeur Reimagined

For those drawn to the ornate beauty of Victorian aesthetics, transport your clients to an era of grandeur with tiles reflecting Victorian design's opulence by using intricate patterns, such as the Versailles pattern, delicate motifs, and rich colour palettes.

Design Tips for a Retro-infused Interior

Mix and Match

Encourage clients to embrace the spirit of the past by mixing and matching tile patterns. While daunting, mixed patterns can create a bespoke look that resonates with vintage charm.

Play with Colour

Retro style is synonymous with bold and contrasting colours. Guide your clients in selecting vibrant hues that evoke the energy of mid-century design or the regal tones associated with Victorian aesthetics.

Statement Spaces

Propose the creation of statement spaces. From feature walls to captivating flooring, these tiles are designed to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary showcases of retro elegance.

Quality Meets Nostalgia: Navarro's Commitment

Timeless Beauty, Modern Convenience

Experience the fusion of timeless beauty with modern convenience. Our tiles capture retro design's essence and meet contemporary living's functional demands, making them an ideal choice for residential and commercial projects.

Join the Retro Revolution

As a professional tiler, you can transport your clients to a bygone era while creating spaces that resonate with nostalgia and contemporary elegance. Dive into the full range of tiles from Navarro Tiles and join the revival of vintage tile styles.

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