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The benefits of wood-effect tiles

The natural beauty of wood has ensured that wooden flooring has always been a popular choice, with budget friendly alternatives available including laminate and vinyl. However, wood-effect tiles are quickly growing in popularity throughout the UK and Ireland, thanks to their durability, convenience and affordability. In this guide we take a closer look at the benefits of wood-effect tiles, so you can decide whether they could be a great alternative in future tiling products.

1) Durability

Although wood is undoubtedly a beautiful material, it is susceptible to scratches and dents, with general wear and tear often leaving a wooden floor looking less than perfect. Both ceramic and porcelain tiles are stronger than hardwoods, so you will benefit from a stunning floor which is not prone to damage.

2) No fading or discolouration

Unlike wooden floors which can fade and discolour when in direct sunlight, tiles will retain their even finish. In addition, if there are any spillages, tiles can be easily cleaned with stains removed quickly and with ease.

3) Cost effective

Wooden flooring tends to be quite an expensive flooring option, whereas tiles are highly cost-effective. The long lifespan of tiles offers ongoing cost benefits, and if a single tile is ever damaged there are likely to be close matches available. In comparison, if a wooden floor becomes damaged it can be very hard to find a matching wooden plank, especially if the timber has faded or discoloured.

4) Low maintenance

Maintaining wood-effect tiles is very easy, with regular mopping and hoovering all that is required. If you have a busy home, children or pets, the low maintenance wood style tiles will offer an excellent alternative to real wood.

5) Waterproof

Both ceramic and porcelain tiles have an extremely low level of water absorption compared to wood, so they can be used in areas that are in direct contact with water. If you are looking to continue flooring through from a bedroom or hallway into a bathroom, utility room or kitchen, wood effect tiles will offer the ideal solution.

6) Heat resistant

Wood look tiles are completely resistant to heat, so there is no risk of damage from hot objects, burning embers or even underfloor heating. In fact, tiles are one of the most popular floor coverings used with modern underfloor heating systems thanks to their excellent thermal conductibility.

Navarro Tiles - A range of wholesale wood-effect tiles

Whether you are looking to lay flooring in a living room, hallway, kitchen or bathroom, our expanding range of wood-effect tiles offers something for every interior style. With various colours and grains available, our tiles perfectly mimic real wood without the expense and upkeep.

We hope you have found this overview of wood look tiles useful, and if you would like more information about any of the products in our tile range, please contact our experienced team today.

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