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Working with Tiles in Period Homes: Challenges and Opportunities

Tiling in period homes is a delicate task that requires a blend of creativity, precision, and respect for historical architecture. In the UK and Ireland, period homes often retain a wealth of historical character and authenticity. Preserving these features while modernising a space can be both challenging and rewarding.

Here's a comprehensive guide to working with tiles in period homes, outlining both the challenges and opportunities.

1. Challenges in Tiling Period Homes

  • Matching Historical Styles: Finding tiles that complement the existing architecture can be difficult, particularly if original tiles are no longer in production.

  • Substrate Conditions: Older homes might have uneven or damaged substrates that need extensive preparation.

  • Preservation Requirements: Some period homes have preservation orders that limit changes to their historical character.

  • Modernising Whilst Retaining Character: Striking the balance between modern amenities and historical authenticity can be complex.

2. Opportunities for Creative Tiling

  • Restoration Projects: Restoring original tiled features, like a Victorian hallway or an Edwardian bathroom, can be immensely satisfying.

  • Creating a Historical Look with Modern Tiles: Modern tiles that mimic historical styles offer opportunities to recreate a period look with more durable and easily maintained materials.

  • Blending Old and New: Combining period-appropriate tiles with modern designs can create a unique blend of history and modernity.

3. Tips for Success

  • Research the Era: Understand the architectural era of the home and the typical tiling styles, patterns, and materials used at that time.

  • Work with Reclamation Yards: Reclamation yards can be treasure troves of vintage tiles and might have what you need for a restoration project.

  • Use Modern Equivalents: Consider modern tiles that replicate historical designs, such as Navarro Tiles' Regency Marble Collection or Glacier Tiles, for their blend of traditional aesthetics and modern durability.

  • Consult with Conservation Officers: If the home has listed status, liaise with conservation officers to understand any restrictions.

  • Professional Assessment and Installation: Period homes often require professional assessment to determine the suitability of substrates and installation techniques.

4. Navarro's Support for Period Home Projects

Navarro Tiles offers a range of tiles that cater to different historical styles and eras. Whether you are a professional tiler, designer, or homeowner, we provide expert advice and a carefully curated selection of tiles to suit period homes.

Working with tiles in period homes in the UK and Ireland is a specialised endeavour that can present challenges but also offers unique opportunities to showcase craftsmanship and creativity. With careful planning, attention to historical details, and collaboration with experts, tiling in period homes can be a fulfilling and successful project.

For support and guidance on selecting the right tiles for your period home, feel free to contact Navarro Tiles. Our team of experts is here to assist you in finding the perfect balance between historical authenticity and modern functionality.

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