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Weller - Porcelain

Weller - Porcelain


300 x 600mm / 12 x 24”  (5.55 per square metre)

600 x 600mm / 24 x 24”  (2.78 per square metre)

1200 x 600mm / 48 x 24" (1.39 per square metre)


The Weller range of tiles are designed for use on walls, with a range of subtle colours chosen for their timeless look. These rectified tiles have a matt finish and are available in a square or rectangular shape, whilst the porcelain provides a durable yet classic finish.


* These tiles are R11 non slip approved


Please note:


We also have 300 x 900 mm / 12 x 35" Weller tiles available with a white body. To view the range, please click here.



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