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  • Choosing the Right Finish: Matte vs. Glossy Tiles

    In the world of tiles, two popular finish options are matte and glossy. In this blog, we'll explore the differences between matte and glossy tiles and provide insights to help Glossy Tiles: Shine of Elegance Glossy tiles are known for their high-gloss, reflective surface that Here's what sets glossy tiles apart: Shine and Reflectivity: Glossy tiles are highly reflective and can Perceived Space: Glossy tiles can make a room feel larger due to their reflective properties.

  • Small Format Tiles

    The range includes a variety of modern, complementary colours which are enhanced by a stylish gloss rippled Chiswick – Decorative Gloss Tiles MEASUREMENTS: 100 X 200MM / 4 X 8” QUANTITY PER SQUARE METRE: 50 Our grey and green, with a variety of stunning plain and decorative tile options available in a stylish gloss

  • Tiling tips for a small bathroom

    ) Marble Tiles Marble tiles can be a great addition to a small bathroom, as the unique patterns and gloss These luxurious Regency Marble tiles provide a marble effect gloss finish, with both plain and decorative sizes. 4) Monochrome Tiles A great style for small spaces are black and white monochrome tiles with a gloss A textured gloss tile will enhance the space when using darker colours, whereas matt textured tiles can These Motown tiles feature a rippled gloss finish, with a range of elegant colours available. 9) Coloured

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